Not to mention how important the aesthetics are to unifying this "movement", if you wanna be as bold as to call it a movement. The style of a lot of these bands, in terms of how they sang, dressed, and acted on stage, was a deliberate push-back against the violent masculinity in hardcore scenes, as well as just for the controversy or shock factor of it. It was also just a lot more fun than what was typical of hardcore, making the shows a less hostile space for women, queer people, and others who tend to get pushed out of underground music scenes. Annoying people please forgive me for this comparison, but the attitude of these bands remind me a lot of how in the earlier days of My Chemical Romance, they used androgyny, theatrics and homoeroticism as a way to drive out bigots from their shows, thus making their music more welcoming to those who feel like outcasts. No, I'm not calling MCR sasscore, but god I'm tempted to make a case for it.