Funnily enough, I actually found out about sasscore on Wikipedia, of all things. It was listed as a subgenre of screamo which some people would probably get really mad about, not really sure where I stand on the matter. Anyways, I'm pretty sure what happened is I read that the style would incorporate homoerotic elements, thought "Fuck Yeah, I love homoeroticism!", listened to March On Electric Children, and the rest is history...or something.

Okay but really...what the fuck even is sasscore?

I have this inside joke with me & no one else because I'm probably the only one who thinks it's funny, that maybe sasscore is just an urband legend. This mythical thing that some claim to have witnessed firsthand, while some deny it ever having been a thing...Okay this makes me sound like a loser. But what I'm trying to get at is that the genre might seem broad and hard to define at a glance. And while it's true that the bands that get categorized as "sasscore" can have wildly different sounds, there are still some characteristics they tend to have in common. These include:

Danceable yet spastic beats
Use of synths
Jagged, distorted guitars
And of course...
The sarcastic, flamboyant, and sassy vocals, which give the genre its name

The rabbit hole goes deeper than this and I'll probably make seperate pages going more in-depth about different facets of the style. But if this does seem like something you'd like, which I hope it does, a few bands to start you off are The Blood Brothers, Black Cat 13, The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, and the last Orchid album.


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