This year i discovered a lot of bands and genres i never would have imagined myself getting into before. I probably look a bit silly making a whole website dedicated to screamo when I only started listening to it this year, but I'm gonna ignore that voice in my head, and not be too hard on myself for being new to the genre. Because i think that would discourage people who might not have heard of any of these bands before to check them out, out of fear or something.

My criteria for this list is that the record has to be one i heard for the first time ever this year. I thought about something like this last year too, but never wrote anything down and there were only about three or so albums i could think of. Those were all very personally significant, so I was picky about what i could call a "favorite album". This list is a lot more just about stuff i think sounds good or was important in some shape or form for me this year.

Orchid-Chaos Is Me(1999)

Since this was the year I got into screamo, i thought it'd be fitting to start this list off with the album that really sold me on the genre. I honestly don't know what to say about it that hasn't been said already. It's a classic! And for good reason, too, because it is just that fucking good. It's a fairly short album at around 19 minutes. Bite-sized, if you will. I say that because this album is like comfort food to me, one of those defaults for when I don't know what to listen to. Perfect for when you need a fix of something perfectly chaotic and sharp-sounding!
Favorite song: Boy With No Arms, Weekend at the Fire Academy

Alexisonfire-Self Titled(2002)

I know it sounds childish, but the word that comes to mind when trying to describe this record is that it sounds cool. It's one of those "I'm pretty sure this isn't a concept album but it sure as hell feels like one". It's got such a put-together aesthetic element, which is most clear in the song A Dagger Through the Heart of St.Angeles, which gives the album cover a narrative, but you can see it throughout the rest of the album too. This album feels almost mythological, it's hard to describe how perfect it feels without just yelling: GO LISTEN TO IT!!!
I can't pick a favorite song, theyre all too good.

Thursday-Full Collapse(2001)


The Blood Brothers-March On Electric Children(2002)

Black Dresses-Forget Your Own Face(2022)

I Hate Sex-Circle Thinking(2015)

For Your Health/Shin Guard-Death of Spring(2019)

This came up as a recommendation on spotify and I listened to it because i thought the album cover looked cool. I was completely blown away by it.