Hi and welcome to emoviolence.neocities.org
I want this to be some kind of combination between a more personal site for whatever I want, and of a music "blog" focusing on screamo/skramz/emoviolence and other stuff in that ballpark, hence the name.
The reason I want this site to be "personal" even if I just write about music is that where I am in life and what a song or record reminds me of heavily influences my thoughts on it. I'm also not very good at giving more traditional "reviews", even if I have my own opinions or criticisms of a record, I don't think I know enough about the actual process of making music to be saying anything even remotely proffesional xP
I also just think it's more fun to talk about why something is special+meaningful to me. Whenever I just wanna share some song I like i end up writing a whole paragraph on why, so I might as well have a dedicated space to spit praises instead of bothering my friends with it.

You should assume every page on this site is a work in progress.